Monday, July 26, 2010

CCC #7 Tinted Vision Fragment

I used some Paris labels for the backgrounds with denim, mushroom and rust inks on the fragments. All of it is layered on a denim tag with a medallion stamp in vintage photo distress embossing. As usual, I had a blast doing this, if only my day job didn't cramp my style!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CCC#6 Multi-Medium Collage

I stamped the crown, wings and saying on acetate for a different texture. The tag background is from the distress embossing challenge, one that didn't make the cut for that week anyway... and I used the distress inks with the blending tool for the background, that kindof rubbed off alot more of the distress crystals. The girl profile is a craft stick covered in a paper bag I've had around forever. Fun again and during the week even, wow!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CCC#5 Distress Powder

Once again trying a technique and materials I've not used before. Fun as usual. I did several tags, I liked this one the best. I don't seem to have enough time to do much more than try the technique, someday I'll be able to actually make a card. I'm so impressed and inspired by all of the nice pieces out there!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

CCC #4 tag 3 Shabby Chic

That's Light Blue on top, looks like white in the picture, I like it much better in person ; ) So once again I had fun with this. It really pushes me out of my box, which is usually a very large space since I tend to ignore the box anyway... having so much fun with this and rediscovering the mass of materials I've been collecting for sometime!

CCC #4 tag 2 Shabby Chic

Cranberry over black. Interesting with the denser stamps. Not sure if the stamps fit the Shabby Chic requirement though, but I liked the result anyway.

CCC #4 tag 1 Shabby Chic

Ok, just made it back from vacation very late last night, and I really wanted to do all of the challenges, that's part of the challenge right? So anyway, I tried several variations and I liked a couple different ones. This one uses red pepper over the black, with a gold dry-rub on top, I think it looks sorta vintage which I associate with Shabby Chic. As usual, there are alot of spectacular and different pieces on the home page which I really enjoy. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!