Sunday, April 27, 2014

Donna Downey's 48 weeks art class. Week 16 More drips and drops

The lesson this week was a lady with dripped hair full of birds and flowers and the background was bright drips everywhere with black drops on the drips. I chose another route for the lady. When I thought of flowers and birds in the hair I envisioned this Marie Antoinette type lady so I went for that. I was feeling a lot more confident in the beginning which waned as I progressed. I did go with the drips and drops, which I thought would be an interesting contrast from Marie, but it only looks like a dark, drippy mess. But I had fun doing it anyway!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter cards made easy with Graphics 45

 I made a couple Easter cards using Graphics 45 paper and the Sizzix pop n cuts. I hope my Aunts, Mom and Grandma enjoy them, there actually in the mail before Easter!

Week 15 collage

 Well this was within my comfort zone. I found it interesting that I struggled with the abstract lesson last week and had no problem with the collage lesson. I might have realized that I imposed some rules on myself for an abstract, when I should have approached it with the same idea as a collage, if that makes sense.....
Anyway, enjoy all this texture and glazing and iridescent gold too.

Donna Downey's 48 week class. Week 14 abstract or "whatever speaks to you from the page."

Well, this was a far departure from the instructors abstract, which she gesso-ed over and started from scratch.  Not sure where this came from but it just kind of grew out of the page. There's a bazillion layers of paint and texture.

Week 13 48 weeks, drippy build-up

The colors in the flowers is a buildup behind the whole page. Then there is a texture of dots, which is lightly highlighted with grey around the edges and the writing in acrylic pen. Another interesting lesson.