Sunday, April 22, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2 Faux Patina

Week 2 CC2, love this stuff. I had fun with the patina, could do everything in sight, but my kitty wouldn't sit still for it. I used lettuce, Stonewash and Stream, along with pearl fixative because I don't have Snow cap. I suspect the base is more translucent sine I used pearl. I'll have to buy some Snow cap to try it.  I dined up several tags trying to stamp on this background, so I eventually decided to add additional embellishments instead, that always works. Join the fun at Linda's Studio L3 and Tim Holtz blog for tons of awesome stuff. Here's a detail of the metal, since it doesn't show up the over view photo.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Compendium II Custom foam Stamps

So glad to have this on my 'to do' list, fun stuff. I used a tag made from background paper with acrylic paint over some embossed harlequin, it's hard to see the details in the photo, but that's all there.  My custom stamps are from Tim's movers and shapers mini butterflies, then stamped with walnut stain, along with half a dozen embellishments and a tape rose.  Check out the fun stuff at Linda's Studio L3 and Tim's blog and Simon Says Stamp.

Lifebook 2012 honor your past

Lifebook lesson for April is to honor your past and drawing a full frontal face.  Well here she is. I found out I'm not terribly scared by anything in my past... just the usual baggage ; )  I find it more daunting to draw a front face and to use color, maybe by December I will not be as frustrated with these two things.  I also learned that things don't adhere well to chalk backgrounds, which makes perfect sense now that my words keep falling off.