Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wanderlust water colors with psychedelic lady.

Another challenge with the faces and water colors for Wanderlust class. I will put the frustration of this one behind me and try it again another time when I have recovered from the challenge. 

IW 2016 watercolor with hot glue stencils

Creativity takes courage - Matisse the quote on Donna's stamp really rings true for me lately since there's been more art going awry then not! although this one is ok. I've started calling them disaster-pieces vs masterpieces. But I'm sticking with it and I'm gonna have fun too! 😏

Friday, June 3, 2016

IW journal with charcoal powder

I used charcoal powder since that's what I had. It worked the same as Donna's graphite powder except that it didn't erase, so I painted some white thru the stencil instead of erasing. I had a blast with the crayons and once happy with my scribbles, I stopped there as recommended. The charcoal powder gives an interesting graduated tone and a grainy texture that is really cool, so I'll try to apply it elsewhere on other projects.