Monday, October 30, 2017

Art of Artists Van Gogh

Van Gogh and his many beautiful paintings are and inspiration in many ways. This image of Starry Night was painted in 60 seconds in an effort to force loose and instinctual flow. Notice how I said force? Its definitely something I"d like to work on!

Random flowers

The flowers were made using paint blobs and incorporated into context with the greenery. Its very interesting that you can use anything as a jumping off point to inspire and create. This was fun to paint and add some more interest by stenciling text over the background for another layer of detail.

Joy in Art

There is Joy in Art. I always have fun practicing and it does seem to provide more satisfying results in the long run. Life gets in the way sometimes and I got away from my Art practice again and I really missed the outlet. The more I play, the better and more capable I feel.

Art of Art

The canvas is made of paint chips and the easel, paint tube and brushes were laid in using modeling medium, then glazed over the entire spread. It was a quickie and a good reminder of the variety of effects using simple tools.

splats and verse

I haven't learned to appreciate the drips and splats technique yet, but I keep trying. I did like the spray through the stencil effect though and I will try the more often to add a layer of interest.