Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wanderlust texture, collaged landscape

Textured landscape. This one started as a collage,which you can still see parts of in the background. Then there was a lot of molding paste, gel medium and crackle paste that was scratched into. Finally, the landscape was loosely defined with color over all that texture. I attempted to paint a red covered bridge since I have an affinity for them, but it's a bit sketchy.  Anyway, I like all the texture, colors and coloring bits!

IW 8/31/16 embedded collage

This collage for Inspiration Wednesday was done without a lot of thought. I just pulled trinkets and piled them on wherever my eye liked them. In the end I kind of like the result, so maybe I should learn to let go and trust myself more. The technique is Embedded ephemera in modeling paste covered in steampunk copper glaze with red highlights. Have fun!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Abstract Landscape yellow sunset

This was a challenge getting the lights lighter and darks darker and keep the tones and values distinctly blended. It was fun to try to get the sky captured in the water and the variations in the mountains surrounding the water.

Wanderlust stamped resist pages

These pages were covered in distressed ink and paints. The white paints didn't take the ink, so the things stamped in white pop out unexpectedly. 

IW washi tape bouquet

This was a great idea of Donna Downey's, to duplicate one of her floral paintings using washi tape. I did my best with what I had. It was a fun venture and the results aren't bad. But most of all it was a great lesson in thinking outside of the box and loosely interpreting the inspiration piece verses a strict interpretation.

Wanderlust lesson: Nebulus paper landscape

The background is a build up of layers of black gesso and iridescent paints and spatters. The landscape is made of torn papers with some added doodling for a jazzy-ness.