Monday, February 20, 2017

Colorful Layers

This art journal spread has many built up layers of color, through paint, sprays and stencils. Then it was detailed/doodled on with markers and stamps. They were quick, simple and fun pages.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Watercolor bouquet journal spread

I was excited to try my new Mermaid Markers by Jane Davenport. This journal spread was the first go with them. They have a nice rich color, especially for watercolors. They will be a quick and fun tool to use.

Where"s the tequila?

Practice in still life....
Three limes was fun to paint, but I had a tough time getting the paint to stay put. Maybe it was the layers of different types of paints, its not a problem I've seen before.  

In three colors, What's out your backdoor?

This challenge was to express the new year by depicting what was out your backdoor using only three colors, combined with white, black and gray.  We have spectacular sunsets, which I enjoy. So from those examples I used purple, red and yellow with the others to get the variety I wanted. For me this represents leaving behind the past year and the dawn of the new year. Its a chance to reflect, let go and move forward.