Sunday, July 1, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2 Configurations

 Compendium of Curiosities configurations challenge, that's a tongue twister! Thanks to Linda's hint that this was coming, I started working on the base that week. I'm so glad because I will be out of town and would not have been able to participate and have such a blast doing this. I've had the configurable for a while and was planning on doing some holiday scene's but never got to it. So for this my general theme was travel. I added the pocket watch from the challenge a few weeks ago, because I wanted to give it a special place anyway and this seemed to work.  I have at least a zillion ideology trinkets and some other prized pieces I'd been saving for the right project all glued in every which way.
 Click over to Linda's Studio L3, so glad she's hosting another great challenge. And check out Tim's second book for the instructions, I also watched his video on his blog, on making one of these super fun projects. Enjoy and have a beautiful holiday!