Friday, July 25, 2014

Compendium of Curiosities challenge 7 Painted Industrial

Check out Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities book 3, no 7 Painted Industrial, for directions on this very cool metal look.
For whatever reason I immediately knew I wanted to do this old phone. That was as far as the idea took me for week or so. Then it finally came to me and I finished it off with the lovely gal and the old style telephone number. This was really my husbands phone number growing up, so he got a kick out of it. Check out the fabulousness at Studio L3 and shop for supplies at Inspiration Emporiums' site.


  1. What a clever idea Shelann! Love it. Jenny x

  2. Wonderful,really funky,love the telephone a lot,you have done a brilliant job on this tag, Shelann

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog too,pleased to be a follower of you :)

    Have a great weekend

    Donna xx

  3. This is so cool. My Grandmother's number was Jackson something but by the time I was old enough to memorize numbers they had done away with the exchanges in the Atlanta area. You would still hear them in commercials sometimes though. Love the bright colors and smiling gal with your phone, makes me think of the 50's.


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