Saturday, January 1, 2011

abc's of Christmas for Stamp Man challenge

The Stamp Man has a fun blog hop, challenge and award event go check out everyone's favorite 2010 projects and submit your favorite 2010 project. Well this is mine. It's a board book that I altered into a Christmas abc's book. I was surprised, but believe it or not it's hard to pick one. Even thought I'm my own worst critic, looking back I enjoy many of my projects and the pleasure that each brought while creating them and now reviewing them. Here's wishing more fun and inspiration in 2011! Happy new year!


  1. Great choice, as this is a gorgeous one! I love it! I challenges Donna to a "one tag a week" for 2011 to start at the beginning of Tim's 12 Days Tags so she would have them all and not be stressed to do them quickly. We will finish all four years worth in less than a year this way and only have to do one a week if you care to join us. We are starting at Day #1, 2007.

  2. The book looks lovely but I bet it's even better IRL. The papers are in real traditional Christmas colours - great choice!

  3. This is beautiful. Great choice. Thanks sharing and have a great day. Angela


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